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Sacred Music in the Age of Rebirth Essay - 1251 Words

The Renaissance has not ceased to be an age of discussion and debate among historians throughout the recent centuries. The vibrant nature of the era marks it as a most fascinating period of history. The Renaissance can be described as an age carrying the essence of â€Å"self-discovery and fulfillment, of recognition of human worth, and a dynamic outpouring of artistic activity.† This new world flourishing with art and creative optimism was also steeped in a spirit of â€Å"revolt of the Medievalists.† In an effort of â€Å"rebirth,† the previous culture of the Middle Ages was rejected, and even scorned. Foundational principles in all fields were overstepped, and old cultural norms were practically obsolete. It was an era whose humanistic philosophy†¦show more content†¦In the Western world, it is clear that the changes that occurred in music over time were slow and organic. For the first three Christian centuries it seems that there was â€Å"no sign ificant evolution from a simple to a more complex musical style.† The first extraordinary development of music occurred in the late sixth and early seventh centuries with Pope St. Gregory the Great. His implementation of what became known as Gregorian Chant would be â€Å"a source and inspiration of a large proportion of all Western music up to the sixteenth century.† The Renaissance marks the next remarkable period of musical history, with unprecedented abruptness and degree of change. Secular music did not begin to take form as truly peculiar and distinct until the Middle Ages; and the unique and diverse nature of secular music was not fully realized until the Renaissance. In the early Christian centuries (up to about 600AD), secular music, as understood in a modern sense, simply did not exist. Undoubtedly, people sang and played their own music outside of the Church, but â€Å"what it was that they sang and played we do not know, for no record of it survives.† The earliest preserved fragments of secular music are Latin texts which date back to the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Secular music used the same principles as sacred music, and even used the ecclesial language. This shows how blurred the line was between secular and sacred music up until the Middle Ages. AsShow MoreRelatedThe Renaissance : An Era Of Rebirth And Reformation1171 Words   |  5 PagesThe Renaissance was an era of rebirth and reformation, which brought about awareness of various c ultures. It was a period of intellectual improvement because there was a new enthusiasm for learning. Also, there was an increasing focus in humanism, which emphasized the importance of individualization. Numerous improvements in literature, art, music, and philosophy led to developments that still influence today’s way of living. The exploration of the new world allowed the natural beauty of the worldRead MoreMiddle Ages And Renaissance Era1081 Words   |  5 PagesMiddle Ages and Renaissance Era The Middle Ages were not known for their choice in government, ways of living, or their views on the Church. Rather, they were known for making the best of what was given to the, which was music. During the early Middle Ages, peasants stayed bound to the land they were given, but had to depend on landlords for protection. Also, many social bonds were ties of kinship, which lead to the emergence of feudalism among the warrior aristocracy (The Middle Ages: Feudal LifeRead MoreRenaissance Music : European Classical Music905 Words   |  4 PagesRenaissance Music Renaissance music is European classical music written approximately 1400 to 1600. The Renaissance followed on from the Middle Ages the name means ‘rebirth’. This time was also the time of Humanism because it focused on human life and accomplishments (Tripod). Support for the arts led to a surge of interest in music (Grendler). New musical forms emerged in France and the Netherlands in the 1400s and gradually spread to Italy and the rest of Europe. Musicians adopted these newRead MoreLeonardo s Madonna Of The Rocks1298 Words   |  6 Pageswell known during their own times, unlike the anonymous artists who had produced works in guilds during the middle ages. Great fame and influence was conferred upon the great artists of the day, and they were celebrated wherever they traveled. This fame convinced many artists that they deserved special privileges and consideration, which they were often granted. Part of the rebirth of the Greek and Roman culture was the revival of sculpture. In classical times, the important cities were filled withRead MoreEras of Time1339 Words   |  6 PagesThere have existed several eras of music throughout time, some have lasted more than others, but only a few are most remembered. Whether you’re sitting through an elementary or high school lecture about the past you are mostly likely to encounter the Medieval and Renaissance Era periods. Both of these Eras have become the standards of the past. Although, the Medieval and Renaissance Era represent two distinct cultures and worldviews of life, neither period lacks significant features or events thatRead MoreEssay about Music: The Change from Spiritual to Secular1810 Words   |  8 PagesRenaissance, England thrived basing their lives, government, and music off of God and his principles alone. During these one-hundred and seventy-five years, the English people started questioning their original p rinciples about religion and established a yearning for information and proof based off of science instead of God. This desire caused many changes to form in England. The Renaissance period quickly became known as the rebirth of knowledge named by the change from God’s knowledge to the knowledgeRead MoreAnalysis Of W. B. Yeatss Sailing To Byzantium1235 Words   |  5 PagesB. Yeats’ poem â€Å"Sailing to Byzantium† presents his concerned about the progression of time and how someone can become eternal. In this poem, Yeats thoroughly examined his personal struggle with the agony of old age. Yeats lived from 1865 to 1939; so this poem, got published in 1926 at age 60, which reflects his fear about aging and becoming immaterial. The main theme in the poem connects between Yeats ageing body and youthful mind, and his desire to achieve a permanency not possible in reality. YeatsRead MoreThe Beginning Of The Renaissance1131 Words   |  5 Pageswithin the Roman Cat holic Church through Martin Luther’s 95 Theses. The Renaissance was also defining for music. It was within this time period that musical notation was invented along with word painting and polyphony. The Renaissance was the age in which humans finally began to express and explore themselves fully and embody the arts. The title of the Renaissance is meant to reflect the rebirth of human creativity and thought as the guarded ideals of the medieval world fell away. Within the medievalRead MoreHistory Of Music Has Been Around For Many Years1272 Words   |  6 PagesEnglish 10 March 2017 History of Music Music has been around for many years. I, for one, have been listening to music for my entire life and I know many people who grew up listening to music. Music influences people and people shape their life around music. Music can brighten anyone’s day. The great thing about music is that it comes in many different styles: Pop, Jazz, Classical, Country, Blues, Rock and Roll, Rap, Hip Hop and Techno, to name a few. How did music originate? Well, keep reading, becauseRead MoreThe Renaissance : The Contribution And Legacy Of The Renaissance1120 Words   |  5 Pagesthrough Europe and killed 1/3 of the population. Life seemed bleak for millions of survivors. Music and art took a back seat, but that all changed with the Renaissance. The Renaissance was a period in European history, from the 14th to the 16th century, regarded as the cultural bridge between the Middle Ages and modern history. It was a time period of rebirth that offered people a chance to live again. Music and art onc e more became center stage. Artist became architects. Musicians became composers

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