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Essay on Fashion Identity - 2152 Words

‘‘Fashion provides one of the most ready means through which individuals can make expressive visual statements about their identities’’. Bennet, A. (2005). Culture and Everyday Life. London: Sage. p. 96. Discuss this statement with reference to individual examples. As Bennet suggests in the above statement, People use fashion as one of the easiest and realistic ways in which they can express their personality and their true identity to show to others in their everyday life to show their own idealistic attitudes and values and to what kind of person they are. But can we as an audience truly make an assumption as to a person’s character from simply what they wear? Particularly focusing on the male identity and fashion masculinity;†¦show more content†¦If Bennet’s original quote is believed to be true, it is evident here in Perry’s expression of his identity. Is it easier for men to be fashionably forward than it is for women? Do men care enough for the media and retail market to give them enough attention to be fashionable? Josh Sims; a freelance style writer who regularly contributes to The Independent, GQ and Esquire, says â€Å"Whilst the women’s wardrobe has its classics - lasting styles often reinterpreted and frequently updated - there are arguably more of these in the men’s wardrobe†. Sim’s elaborates on the essential pieces that make up every man’s wardrobe in ‘Icons of Men’s Style’. Whether a man be fashion conscious or not, the DNA of his wardrobe will still stretch from a range of product from jackets, to shoes, to shirts, to jeans. Sim’s suggests that although women look for fashion, men maintain style through their numerous pieces in their wardrobe that make up their overall outfit. I think that whoever the man may be, his wardrobe will ultimately make up his pers ona and the type of person he is - much like what Bennet has stated previous. Even though a man may not deliberately pick his clothes to be fashion forward, I think that subconsciously every decision has been made for a reason whether it be a  £325.00 cotton-blend white shirt by Alexander McQueen*, or an almost replica white shirt for  £6.00 at George, by Asda**, the man in question has comeShow MoreRelatedFashion Reveals Your True Identity881 Words   |  4 PagesFashion Reveals Your True Identity A very good morning to our honourable judges, worthy competitors, teachers and friends. I am standing here today to deliver a speech entitled ‘Fashion Reveals Your True Identity’. Before I begin, let me ask you - what is fashion all about? Stella Blum mentioned, â€Å"Fashion is a social agreement,† but Edmund C. Stedman said, â€Å"Fashion is potency in art.† To me regardless what you wear, it is called fashion. Fashion  is a general term for a popular style or practiceRead MoreFashion Defines Individual Identity, Image, Shoes, And Accessories965 Words   |  4 Pagesoutfits, shoes, and accessories. Fashion defines individual identity, impacts perceptions, and portrays a symbolic meaning. Fashion helps the individual grow and change one’s emotional and physical identities. The clothes one wears daily define how the individual feels and reflects one’s attitudes and moods. For example, if an individual is lethargic, one may be seen in sweatpants; if one is feeling powerful, the individual may be seen in a suit. The phrase â€Å"fashion choice† does not just includeRead MoreFashion is about Identity701 Words   |  3 PagesFashion is an idea that enables individuals to make clear statements about one selves and their identities, with the use of clothes, accessories and/or other physical items, enabling the individual to visually communicate who they are, who they would like to be, what kind of social group they belong to. Hence fashion plays a vital by allowing people to construct, sculpt and express their identities, especially in larger metropolitan cities where they â€Å"mingle with crowds of strangers and have onlyRead MoreIdentity Issues O n Fashion And Social Media1866 Words   |  8 PagesNumber: T0030879 Pui Yuk Winsome Wong Word Count: 1645 â€Æ' Identity issues on fashion and social media Identity consists roughly of what makes us unique as an individual and different from others. In other words, it is the way we see and define ourselves, or the network of values and convictions that structure our life. To an extensive degree, it is simpler to change our identity than controlling it in terms of fashion and social media aspects. Identity is an ever-changing process that begins as soon asRead MoreHow Does Fashion Shape Social Identities Essay1362 Words   |  6 PagesHow does fashion shape social identities? In my essay I am going to investigate the meaning and the relationship between these two words: fashion and identity, particularly in relation to social status. Fashion and identity both represent a complex notion, especially when we talk about their association. Nowadays, if we pronounce the word ‘fashion’, which has become one of the most common words in our society, we immediately think of clothes; what people wear in the streets or what the majorityRead MoreThe Importance of Fashion in the Modern World897 Words   |  4 PagesFashion is something that keeps on changing and because of its change, fashion effects our lives nearly in every aspect like language, furniture, homes, cars, clothes, food and many other things. There are trendsetters and trend followers with different degrees of adaption but here trend is a broader term pertaining to style design, deriving from cultures, social, or many other factors of which fashion is a manifestation. Fashion has become on e of the most important aspect of life in today’s lifeRead MoreJapanese Female Apparel Market For Japanese Women Essay1676 Words   |  7 Pagesã‚ «Ã£â€š ¸Ã£Æ' ¥Ã£â€š ¢Ã£Æ' «Ã£Æ'€ã‚ ¦Ã£Æ' ³, â€Å"casualing-down† coordinates means to dress-down, or to break down the formality of fancy clothing (FASHION PRESS). A notable change in style has swept over Japan when people began to embrace apparels that value both comfort and personal style. According to a survey conducted by Jiratanatiteenun, Mizutani, Sato, Kitaguchi, and Kajiwara in 2011, â€Å"Casual [style] was the most popular fashion style among the respondents (female undergraduate students) with 47.5%, Girly was at 6.8%, Onei (extremelyRead MoreProject Runway Essay827 Words   |  4 Pagesbackstage grow nervous as the audience starts to cheer. The models are about to show off a new line of clothing from a designer that will become the newest trend in fashion. But what is fashion? Many people think about models, the runway, New York and expensive clothing when they hear the word fashion. But fashion is much more than that. Fashion is clothing that defines who a person is, their likes and dislikes, their personality and most importantly their culture. Clothing dates back to about 100,000-500Read MoreWhat Makes A Woman Feel Beautiful?956 Words   |  4 Pageswhole, Vogue represents women in a way that takes away from their identity. Fashion magazines like Vogue are supposed to show fashions and cosmetics that can give women a sense of expression and a way for them to truly identify for themselves. More often than not only a woman’s body is displayed, taking away from her being a human being just like everyone else. Fashion and advertising has a way of taking away from a woman’s identity rather than helping her find it. Vogue features some diversity but

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